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Laravel is a most popular PHP framework. KP Software Solutions provides the best PHP framework training at UIU. Enhancing skill development in Web/Software Development platform is the main goal of this course. Besides, introducing with industry-driven environment for ensuring the betterment of professional career. Nowadays most of the large-scale, robust web application are developed with Laravel, and it’s getting popularity in Bangladesh too. So why not your join us now.

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Created by Kaimun Hossain Prince Last updated Mon, 13-Apr-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Develop own professional website.
  • Can work for online clients on Laravel projects

Curriculum for this course
2 Lessons 00:11:36 Hours
2 Lessons 00:11:36 Hours
  • Introduction 00:03:11
  • Laravel Overview , Installation and creating new project 00:08:25
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Class Schedule

Class = 16

Weekly = 2 days (Friday & Saturday)

Time = 4 hours

Total = 64 hours


Benefits of Learning Laravel

It is easy because of the simplicity and a lot of magic in the background.

  • Small learning curve
  • Clear and short documentation
  • Flexibility – every important component is easily extendable and injectable.
  • Incredible Eloquent ORM and a lot of magic which improves development speed
  • Clear and humane syntax in most of the components
  • Doesn’t tell you what to do and how to structure your application, you even have no more “models” folder. Create a “domains” folder, create as many router files as you want, do whatever you need in your case.
  • The most popular framework – easy to find developer, easy to find answer, huge community on GitHub and, larachat (slack) actually is one of the biggest free slack communities in the world
  • Integration with front-end out of the box
  • Insane CLI, cron jobs, mail queues and much more.
  • LTS, always new features coming.
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